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My name is Dominika Yindi. I am a mother of 4, partner in running a cafe and joyfully wanna be potter. My family and I live in a magical seaside village of Normanville in South Australia.

I didn't touch clay until 2010 when I started to join casual pottery sessions with a local master potter. On and off in between being a mother and a partner in running cafes I have started to find ways how to keep playing with clay.

While working on mastering the technique through simply ‘doing’ I am creating cups and bowls to remind one (firstly myself) to pause...slow attention to the most here and my breath, to this moment…or to knowing how and when to drop it all and let it all unfold and trust that it all takes care of itself.

I create handmade, earthy, tactile things, which allows you to sit with yourself, sip on your favourite beverage, and notice how you feel or how you would love to feel.

A cup a bowl a vase…a plate….which hopefully bring ease to this sometime crazy, fast paced life.

I am creating what I need on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for following. It truly means the world to me.